(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding

September 24, 2014

Illustrated by the Boy for his Art Illustration class based on the song lyrics by Elvis Costello.

Peace Day Project 9-23-14

Giveaway & Today’s Webcast info: Women Living Well

September 26, 2013

“God created us to walk with Him, to know Him, and to be loved by Him. He is our living well, and when we drink from the water He continually provides, His living water will change us, making us more like Jesus.”
– Courtney Joseph.

Check out the schedule and more about Courtney at Good Morning Girls

Good Morning Girls Bible Study

September 2, 2013

haven’t been blogging for ages. just a quick post on an online bible study that just started. Subscribe for the emails and follow the conversation on twitter, facebook, pinterest and instagram – #GoodMorningGirls.

Getting back into the mix

February 27, 2011

man, that was anti-climatic. I didn’t get back into blogging, or reading, or getting out of the house for anything other than work and trips to the store.

Reading over some of the posts, I realize that I DID have a sense of humor.

The winter kind of sucked it out of me.

Time to get it back ( that and my body which hasn’t bounced back at all after kiddo #2. Heck, it didn’t bounce back after #1, let’s be honest.)

Time Flies

September 1, 2010

And now it’s been 6 months since my last post…sigh.

But its a new year. A new school year, new fiscal year at work, new season approaching – and a new NaBloPoMo blogging challenge!

So, here we go!

Too Lazy Even for Random Tuesday Thoughts

March 2, 2010

Man, I can’t believe I didn’t post anything since last Tuesday.

What have I been doing and where did the week go?

I remember lots of cold, some more snow, crying because there was lots of cold and more snow.

The Kitten zonked out on my lap while nursing ( I’ve become adept at typing one-handed, as I try to keep her from rolling off of me. Probably also part of the reason why I have a cronic crick in my neck and pain radiating down my arm. That, and she weighs about as much as a one year old. ) And the Boy is – oh, I bet you can’t guess – playing computer games!

Everything else is just a big blur.

I think I’m just too darned tired to write. I’m calling this post tapped.

Keely’s on a break, so go check out Random Tuesday Thoughts at The Bitchin’ Wives Club.

Lost in Random Tuesday Thoughts Again

February 23, 2010

Here’s a fast random post. I have about 45 minutes until the Kitten wakes up again. At least that’s been the pattern for the past couple of days. No I’m not referring to a pet. My hubby came up with the nickname “Kitten” for our baby girl. He means she’s cute as a kitten, I mean she claws me like a kitten. I have to file those nails down.

Have you met people who refer to their pets as their children?  Some folks think that having a pet will prepare you for raising kids.

It won’t.

At all.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved our cat. She was a mean little thing, but I loved her none-the-less. I cried when she died. I also locked her in her kitty carrier when she was freaking out over us moving to a new house. Try that with your kid.  [ No, don’t really, the authorities frown upon that. ]

I have no idea what’s happening on LOST right now. Glad I’m DVRing this because I need to be more lucid to grasp the moving through time. Or maybe I need to be less lucid, and come up with my own timeline.

I had kind of a stressful end to my day.  If you did too – or even if you didn’t but just want a laugh – check out this You Tube video.

You’ve now been RickRolled!


It’s Friday!

February 19, 2010

Wow,  what a weird couple of weeks.  With the incredible snowstorm, school closings, delays, missed work deadlines…the list goes on…I didn’t think I’d make it to Friday.

Can’t even really get my brain defrosted to write much of a post, so I think I’ll follow Ann Again’s advice and just breathe…ah….and do some blog hopping at the Virtual Girls Night Out!

Catch you there, too?

Juicy (Fat Tuesday) Random Thoughts

February 16, 2010

Time for some random thoughts after having stuffed ourselves with the traditional pancakes and sausage.

Truthfully, I didn’t eat the pancakes ( still off of the dairy while nursing the little one ) and I’ve been trying to eat better anyway. You know, getting more fruits and veggies in. So I ate half a jar of maraschino cherries.  It counts.

I have lost weight. I think it’s more due to having a baby sucking the nutrition out of me and keeping me running around while sleep deprived, but what the heck,  I lost weight and I have to buy new jeans because my old ones are TOO BIG!  It’s been so long since I’ve had that problem.  I might rent a billboard to celebrate.

Did you catch Lost? I have a bad feeling this show is going to go out on some bizarre twist that really doesn’t answer anything. Kind of like this post.

I think I might eat the other half of that jar of cherries. They’re so sweet and juicy.  Yeah, I know. They’re too tasty. Can’t be good for me.

Neither is staying up too late blogging. ‘Night.

Quiet Time

February 16, 2010

I found an online daily devotional resource at d365.org. It was designed for students and young adults, but all ages can enjoy it. I get an email each day to remind me to go to the site (and I do seem to need the reminder these days!), and I really do enjoy the quiet time.

The Journey to the Cross series will begin on Wednesday for the start of Lent.

journey to the cross devotional series


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